Weekly Cleaning Schedule

Last week, I shared with your my daily cleaning schedule.  It keeps the daily clutter and dirt under control.  I use my weekly cleaning to get a much deeper clean.



After a lazy Friday night and Saturday, our  living room and dining room has been well lived in.  It needs to be cleaned.

On Sundays, I clean the living room and dining room with a little bit more attention.  Couch cushions that gets spills on have the covers removed and washed.  I love my washable covers!! I will also check under the cushions for crumbs and lost items.  The furniture in both rooms get a good dusting.


Mondays is bedroom day. I remove sheets off of both beds, wash them and then put them back on.  Pillows get their daily fluffing and throw blankets will be washed if needed.  I will also dust the bedrooms on Monday.  I usually check dresser drawers for neatness and refold things if needed.  I also check closets for clothes that has fallen off hangers and collect empty hangers and put them with the clothes that needs to be ironed.



Tuesdays is kitchen day. Every day surfaces get wiped off, but once a week, I like to give them an extra clean.  Stove pans and grates are removed and cleaned.  The fridge is wiped out and older food is thrown out. As I sort through the food, I will add any necessary items to my grocery list. Tuesday is a good day to focus my energy on the grout around the sink or rinsing out the coffee maker.



Office Day is Wednesday.  I work a hour or two for my husbands small business by filing papers and organizing receipts.  Office day is the perfect time to check and double check the calendar for upcoming events.  Right now I am spending most of my desk days working on our upcoming family reunion and in- law’s 50th anniversary celebration.  My actual desk gets a good dusting and re-organizing.  Each of the computers gets dusted and the keyboards wiped off.  I also consider Wednesdays to me my “down day”.  After a busy and somewhat tiring Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, it is nice to have a day with not a lot of heavy cleaning and more sitting, resting  and pushing papers.


Back to the heavier cleaning.  Thursdays is bathroom day.  I do my regular daily cleaning in the bathroom and then add some more detailed cleaning.  Some weeks, the shower grout gets an extra good cleaning, the cupboard under the sink gets a re-organize or the floor around the toilet gets an extra deep scrub.  I make sure that there is enough toilet paper, cotton balls and q-tips for the upcoming weekend.



Friday is catch up day.  All the floors gets scrubbed and carpets vacuumed.  All the rooms gets checked for dust.  I make sure ALL the laundry gets washed and any last minute item of clothing gets ironed.  By Friday afternoon, I can relax and treat myself to some extra tv before my guys get home.  Fridays is an excellent day for a soup supper or something made in the crockpot.


So… there you have it.  Both my daily and my weekly cleaning schedules.  Did I come up with these right away?? Nope.  These schedules have been created over quite a few years.  I have kept what works and change up things that don’t quite work.  The system that I have shown you works really well and keeps me organized and the house ready for company or surprise visitors.

I will see you next Tuesday with a cleaning tip or trick.


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